Force fed pig slave


Sexy young Italian master feeds an immobilized toilet slave.

23 thoughts on “Force fed pig slave

    1. Any feeders in the Atlanta area? I love serving as a FULL SERVICE toilet for more than 1 feeder.. I’m also willing to travel $$$

      Telegram @Stanbrock

    2. I’ll travel down from ATL anytime, halfway or whatever as long as you’re serious about feeding and can my belly full. I also love more than 1 feeder

      Telegram: @Stanbrock

  1. Absolutely love this Master. He uses his faggot in such a nonchalant way, as if there is no question that the slut is there to be taken advantage of. Other videos show this man really hurting the slut – i love it when he smiles at the camera. i am very jealous of this faggot.

  2. Id love it if more porn like this ezcisted i have ahuge scat fetish but its a fprced one, like being gimped up with a tube like this, forced to eat piss, cum and shit, against my will. I wouldmt eat shit of my own free will, i want it forced on me like with a tube in this video, i wish more forced scat eating videos excisted especially with gimps and toilet gags, aka pipe gag, im 27 male btw. Alberta canada.

  3. I’ve watched many clips of feeding, being fed and it’s such a trip. Yet, I’ve never been fed even at age 75.
    Are there any feeders in the Toronto, Scarborough area.
    Not to be picky, but would prefer a masculine male from trim as Master Kox to muscled.

  4. What a lucky faggot to have such an incredibly hot man to make and serve you a very special meal. This man is so kind to his slave, allows the pathetic slave to serve exactly as it was born to serve.

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