Force fed pig slave


Sexy young Italian master feeds an immobilized toilet slave.


7 thoughts on “Force fed pig slave

  1. Absolutely love this Master. He uses his faggot in such a nonchalant way, as if there is no question that the slut is there to be taken advantage of. Other videos show this man really hurting the slut – i love it when he smiles at the camera. i am very jealous of this faggot.

  2. Id love it if more porn like this ezcisted i have ahuge scat fetish but its a fprced one, like being gimped up with a tube like this, forced to eat piss, cum and shit, against my will. I wouldmt eat shit of my own free will, i want it forced on me like with a tube in this video, i wish more forced scat eating videos excisted especially with gimps and toilet gags, aka pipe gag, im 27 male btw. Alberta canada.

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