Tied down, mouth gagged, and fed


Toilet has no choice but to take his feeder’s shit and piss. Even as he struggles, the feeder doesn’t let up.

7 thoughts on “Tied down, mouth gagged, and fed

  1. What is bro on? He do be tweakin’. That’s kinda sad he prolly wouldn’t do this if he was sober, but fuck him. A toilet is a toilet hahah, fuck him up for life. Idiot loser lol

    1. this is how i got started. Tied up by a longterm pair of doms for ballbusting and edging. made me rim then with a gag in my mouth. Suprised me with a mouthful of diarrhea and sat on my mouth so i had no choice but to swallow it.

      No drugs involved. just force and a merciless beating on my balls with a wooden spoon until i finished my meals. Im talking rapid (once a second) full arm swings.

      while one shit the other hit.

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