Verbal dude feeds his bro


Verbal feeder drops a big dump in his bro’s mouth, watches him swallow it all, and shoots his cum in his shitty mouth.

16 thoughts on “Verbal dude feeds his bro

  1. This video is the best I’ve ever seen, by far and I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of scat feedings/eatings!!

  2. Thanks for the info bro. What about Thisvid? Anyone know if these studs are on Thisvid?

    I’m Dirtyjock on Thisvid

  3. Sick shit ! I wonder how many loads of shit that bottom eater can eat from how many men? Maybe 4 or 5 then he would puke up all that shit.

  4. The ultimate pig eater/swallower, with no self esteem and zero limits here, available for individuals, groups, frats, teams, etc.
    Dean 561-252-3982

  5. just watching this video, i could mentally taste how delicious that shit is, and I’m so jealous.
    Any guys looking to feed like that contact me and let’s set it up
    Dean 561-252-3982

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