Feedoffyou gets used and abused by Brightonshit


Feedoffyou physically and verbally abused by Brightonshit, licking his dirty hole, drinking his piss, being fed shit, giving him a blumpkin and getting barebacked by his pierced cock.

Video submission by feedoffyou.

5 thoughts on “Feedoffyou gets used and abused by Brightonshit

  1. i love that big pierced cock… i love how devoted that faggot is when eating shit and sucking that beautiful rod while his master shits… lucky fag…

  2. I’ll worship you SIR! Swallow every last morsel, that’s a promise!
    I’m so hungry. someone, ANYONE please feed me. Age, race, looks, and body type important. All that is needed is a desire that feed me your shit.
    Available for groups and frat parties.
    Dean 561-252-3982

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