Toilet coaxed to take a mouthful


Shitpig gets a taste and can’t turn back. His feeder convinces him to take a mouthful of shit.

5 thoughts on “Toilet coaxed to take a mouthful

  1. You wouldn’t have to ask me twice AND it would not go to waste. Every last morsel would be swallowed as you watched. When you are done, i’d thank you for feeding me your precious shit

  2. such a shame he wasted the beautiful meal he was fed. that makes me sad.
    I’d eat every last bit
    Dean 561-252-3982

  3. I’ll worship you SIR! Swallow every last morsel, that’s a promise!
    I’m so hungry. someone, ANYONE please feed me. Age, race, looks, and body type not important. All that is needed is a desire to feed me your shit.
    Available for individuals, groups, buddies, brothers, and frat parties.
    Dean 561-252-3982

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