Two days of macho Alpha German shit


Toilet slave gets his stomach filled by a verbal feeder who has saved up two days worth of shit.

17 thoughts on “Two days of macho Alpha German shit

  1. That was super hot on hearing the feeder order his human toilet into action. I just wish I could find a feeder such as this Alpha man.

  2. Chain that toilet to the floor. Save him for that house party. Let your friends use your new install. Someone my drink to much and puke too.

  3. Love this toilet. Works with voice commands like open your mouth and swallow it. Never need to touch your toilet. Clean living!

  4. Guy on top finally gets up off toilet seat he feels empty and good. The toilet below not so good, feeling sick. . Just a toilet who cares.
    Great video. Well done. Thank you.

  5. What a lucky, lucky eater!
    can someone help me be just like him? i don’t care about looks, body type, age, or race… just your ability to feed a toilet pig like me.
    Dean 561-252-3982

    1. anyone want to eat from me and lick my ass clean while I jerk my dick and watch and relax? leave me your number here and I’ll text you.

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