Pig’s shit cocktail


Handsome toilet boy gets a special cocktail made for him, full of shit, piss, toenails, and pubes. Drink up, piggy.

13 thoughts on “Pig’s shit cocktail

  1. I’ve never tried a shit shake. My turn on an preference is direct ass to mouth and my favorite are turds. But this is hot!

    1. Once had 2 guys blend up their shit and piss, then put it back in their ass before making me suck it back out. They had an elastrator on both of my balls and werent gonna remove them unless i finished all of it.

      i was not expecting scat play (i was expecting normal spitroasting with my wrists tied.)

      Once my wrists were tied the bands came on and i was forced against my will to drink their shit slurries or be castrated. Thankfully i finished before i lost my balls, but afterwards they edged me for several hours (non stop) before letting me cum, and then continued to polish the tip of my cock until I cried (they still didnt stop). I left with a stomach full of shit, a bright red cock, and a chaffed to hell and chapped cockhead that was suffering from friction burns (they used a microfiber cloth on a drill on my cockhead.)

      went back 7 more times.

  2. scatmento sagt:
    So will ich dienen,genau so,dazu Kotze meines Kerls u ab in den Magen damit mich all das nährt

  3. Scatmento säuft genauso gerne die Scheiße seines Kerls mit Kotze sogar. Der nächste Cocktail mit Schamhaare u. Fußnägel. Wenn schon Sau dann richtig.

  4. What a damn lucky toilet. you could tell it wanted more in it’s mouth at the end. Don’t blame the little faggot.

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