Skinhead using a toilet pig


Good-looking skinhead gets filthy with a submissive shit lover.

10 thoughts on “Skinhead using a toilet pig

  1. BEST SCAT VIDEO I have ever seen!!!
    They do it all and they do it GREAT.

    I need to find that skinhead…………oh yeah

    1. One video includes everything that makes me to cum multiple times, no need to check out next other videos for the perfect shot 🤣

  2. i hate when people just make a mess of it all. to me it’s a cop out to avoid the proper job of consuming and swallowing it all, like a true toilet.
    contact me if you’re looking for a TRUE toilet
    Dean 561-252-3982

  3. Anyone want to eat for me? and want to drink cum and piss and lick me clean. leave me your number here and I’ll text you.

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