Premium Toilet Service


1This toilet boy always delivers for his feeders and takes this one’s piss, shit, and cum.

6 thoughts on “Premium Toilet Service

  1. You eat shit just like i do, friend. You eat the whole load withot spilling a bit. I love to se it.

  2. Dan, I agree so much . That was beautiful. It is what I would love to do to a man I loved. Years ago it was almost impossible to survive if we came out of the closet. I wish I could be just like this young man now and give the gift of pleasure to the giver of the gifts of piss, shit, and cum that he gave to me. I would want them all in my mouth and I’d swallow them all. I found the video completely full of beauty and love.

  3. The only perfect way to be a toilet like us is to take directly from the source and str8 down our warm toilet throat quickly. It takes practice, but it’s worth it in the end.. Skill and experience gets us where we’re suppose to be as a true toilet!

  4. This was the best looking toilet around, and very efficient. A truly admirable pig boy. I never saw him take any puke, not sure if he did, but that would have been hot, and I’m sure it would have taken it right down.

  5. What a beautiful feeding for a full service toilet. He does a fantastic job for his feeder. The only thing thing that would made this better to enjoy would have been some intimate dialogue of encouragement from the feeder, but still beautiful to watch.
    Any feeders looking for a hungry feeder to be a good toilet for you, call or text me,
    Dean 561-252-3982

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