“Enjoy, fucker.”


Hot and hungry young pig gets off on eating shit.

12 thoughts on ““Enjoy, fucker.”

  1. the way the toilet is whimpering — hands down one of the best video. My dream pig, no matter how nasty the shit is, a pig must eat all.
    Does anyone know who this toilet is ?

  2. One of the hottest videos I’ve seen. I’m in love with that little bottom and the way he’s whimpering. I want to see him actually get to where he swallows and can eat a full load out of his daddy’s ass!

  3. es nuestra obligación de sumiso:besar el culo que nos ofrecen, disfrutar el olor y tragar todo lo que sale de ese hueco sin desperdiciar nada.

  4. Anyone interested in me being a pig for their shit contact me please and let’s set it up
    Dean 561-252-3982

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