Waste training the pigslave


Master trains his slave in eating his shit and toenails.

3 thoughts on “Waste training the pigslave

  1. OMG i love these kind of vids the feeder having a shit on the rimseat, trousers and underwear pulled down to ankles showing his hot sexy ass dropping a load :), please please upload more of shitfeeder21

  2. He is the most amazing shit eater I have ever seen. He chews and swallows that shit like it was great tasting food. He probably thinks he can live on cum, piss and shit from men. He probably likes to lick men’s asses clean after they shit in his mouth. We can set him up in a men’s bathroom stall and he can serve all the men in gay bars, men’s health clubs and men’s rooms in restaurants.

  3. If anyone wants to do this to me, I won’t need any damn stupid mask covering up my face. I’m a PROUD EATER!
    Dean 252-3992

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