Straight young alpha force feeding a slave


Sexy dom slaps around a toilet pig and hand-feeds him a shitlog.

31 thoughts on “Straight young alpha force feeding a slave

      1. Hungry, full service toilet faggot starving to be fed by one Master or many dominant feeders looking for a sewer to use.
        faggot brock
        678 438 2269 (TXT)
        Telegram: Atlscatboy

  1. I used to know the guy who’s being fed in this. From London, he was pretty hot and could rim a full ass better than anyone I’ve known. Miss him

    1. Hi Bubblebuttblkbttm, Paul here, from London, the guy being fed above in the video. Not sure who you are but Im still about mate.

      Now managed to digitise the whole feeding session above (it ws done originally on Hi8cam) and have the full length version inmuch higher quality

      1. Welcome back, Paul. That is great to hear! As you have probably seen your clip alone is the most popular on this site – so could I ask for all of us where we can find your full version, or where you plan to upload it? Big thanks, mate.

  2. I never knew how much I wanted this to be done to me until I saw this. Would love a stomach full of straight Alpha shit right now.
    Will travel from Seattle, WA to Vancouver, CAN

    1. He was a straight student from Southen in UK. He is a total sadist and gets off on seeing others humiliated in depraved acts. Its not sexual for him, its just control and power. I paid him £60 to cover his travel costs and in total it lasted 2 hours. Thats what I call bang for your bucks. Paul

  3. Oh yes! me next please SIR!!
    YOUR turd looks absolutely delicious and i’d be honored to eat and swallow every last morsel for YOU.
    This feeder or ANYONE who would like to feed me, Please call or text ASAP so we can arrange it.
    Dean 561-252-3982

  4. 26yo bottom pig in Northwest Iowa here. Only hosting but will help pay for trip out depending how far. Restrain me under my rimchair and use me as you please for the duration of your stay. Friends welcome to come along. 7127300861

  5. Paul and others if in SE UK, I’m here also and interested in feeding and also eating. Very genuine if you’re able to accommodate.

  6. I’m here to eat and swallow it for ANYONE looking to feed a true, hungry, human toilet.
    Dean 561-252-3982

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