Make him beg to keep his balls


Sadistic Dom doesn’t like to hear no and gets off on destroying his slave’s balls.

9 thoughts on “Make him beg to keep his balls

  1. Does anybody know how I can see the second part of this video trampling his balls please let me know. This was one of the best videos ever ever made.

  2. i will this was me taking the MASTER’S wrath on my balls, or should i say HIS balls because HE owns them!
    Anyone wanna work mine over?
    No limits
    Dean 561-252-3982

  3. oh yesssss ..
    me next please!!
    Dirty pig with zero limits here available for groups, frats, teams, etc. and of course ALWAYS open to individuals too!
    call or text if you want to work mine like this, please SIRS
    Dean 561-252-3982

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