Toilet pig takes a giant firm log and struggles valiantly to swallow it whole.


5 thoughts on “Logjam

  1. Fuckkk yes!!! There is nothing hotter than those huge, fat, thick, firm turds as they creep out and then slowly slide down my hungry throat into my warm, waiting, eager belly!!! Any givers?

    I’m Brock

      1. I would eat your creamy shit anytime you tell me to do so, sexy!! Brock @ 678) 438-2269 (TEXT) or Telegram is Atlscatboy

  2. Okay, that was crazy fukn’ hot. I wish both of them had a bit more experience and that they had told each other a lot more truth about what elements make it more perfect for each of them. Examples: get the positioning sorted out. and OMG get a real rim seat if you’re gonna be into this scene.

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