Full meal for shit pig’s gut


Pig boy gets his mouth and belly filled with shit and is rewarded with cum.

17 thoughts on “Full meal for shit pig’s gut

  1. He can feed me like that. The eater and I are friends on Thisvid and he has one other feeding/eating session from this guy. But it isn’t anywhere near as hot as this one is

  2. Very good gay shit eating. You can take big muthfulls of turds and chew and swallow it all and ask for more. You are just like me. I am a big eaater too.

  3. What a super turn-on. This is the perfect session for both. The eater must have had a lot of real training to take each load without missing any. The eating and swollowing sounds were awesome. I have watched this over and over. I never had such a good feeding like this, but I wish I could.

  4. this is by far one of the best scat vids. No gimmicky “shit”. clear filming techniques –
    the feeder does it at a great and experienced pace –
    the eater indulges and swallows
    and creamed up at the end.

    BAM BAM BAM – does the trick

  5. Oh my God, I want this so bad, eating shit directly from a MAN’s sexy, hairy asshole. PLEASE, please shit in my mouth, I crave a man’s shit!

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