Filthy toilet boy next door


Fucking beautiful boy next door type serves as a toilet, taking shit, piss, and cum.

10 thoughts on “Filthy toilet boy next door

  1. Great video! The partfrom 2.5 to 4.0 when he smears the shit on the boys face, and then on his own dick, and then proceeds to facefuck him is my nirvana! Hot, Hot, Hot!

  2. I’m a 20 year old, twink, I scat on skype,

    do you want to be a pig with me on video call? we’ll fill up and eat a lot of shit

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  3. Oh yes!!!
    me next PLEASE SIR!!!
    The ultimate pig with no self esteem and zero limits available for individuals, groups, frats, teams, etc.
    i swallow EVERYTHING and then clean you up. No toilet paper needed!
    Dean 561-252-3982

  4. what a lucky, lucky eater!
    can someone help me be just like him? i don’t care about looks, body type, age, or race… just your ability to feed a toilet pig like me.
    Dean 561-252-3982

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