Domineering German Master manhandles a slave


Alpha Dom breaks in a faggot — beating, fisting, and feeding it piss.

5 thoughts on “Domineering German Master manhandles a slave

  1. dom is sexy as fuck… like a dream come true, and so generous!… holds almost nothing back (save a raw fuck and his fine shit; maybe next time!)… lucky lucky bitch

  2. I can’t guess why so many European tops equate dominance with abuse, hostility, and what appears to be anger. I see bottoms as treasure, worthy of development and my help to slide them into a deeper level of corrupt twistedness.

  3. That’s really lame. Dominance and abuse absolutely go hand in hand. I’m a masculine 6’4 290lbs dom/feeder and the only reason I’m into this is the abuse, that’s why I only feed inexperienced feminine subs who are half my size and I won’t feed any faggot who enjoys shit. Anyone who enjoys shit for shit I’m disgusted by and is automatically a creep/pervert in my eyes

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