Dom doesn’t seek permission


This toilet slave is expected to serve, no questions asked, and is surprised with a mouthful with shit.


5 thoughts on “Dom doesn’t seek permission

  1. One of the best scat videos. Top guy has beautiful feet, legs, butt and attitude. I like how he calmed down slave in order to avoid spiting shit. Just beautiful! Masterpiece.

    1. This video changed my way of thinking. Today I’m an admirer and I think about finding some guys to feed or, who knows, a eater!

  2. This is one of those rare vids that provokes a nuance convo about consent….this is a bit rape-ish, but the top doesn’t push it far enough for the bottom to freak out completly. This top/dom is recruiting, which I find HOT AS HELL. There’s a reason that so many people have rape fantasies: gay, str8, male, female ….it cuts across all lines….but these days, pushing consent boundries is a social no-no. Sad that so many younger people have become so fragil, and so dogmatic about it all.

    1. remember the first time a dom did this to me and it definitely woke something in me. @laslowfeeder interested? i’m in la

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