Dom doesn’t seek permission


This toilet slave is expected to serve, no questions asked, and is surprised with a mouthful with shit.

11 thoughts on “Dom doesn’t seek permission

  1. One of the best scat videos. Top guy has beautiful feet, legs, butt and attitude. I like how he calmed down slave in order to avoid spiting shit. Just beautiful! Masterpiece.

    1. This video changed my way of thinking. Today I’m an admirer and I think about finding some guys to feed or, who knows, a eater!

  2. This is one of those rare vids that provokes a nuance convo about consent….this is a bit rape-ish, but the top doesn’t push it far enough for the bottom to freak out completly. This top/dom is recruiting, which I find HOT AS HELL. There’s a reason that so many people have rape fantasies: gay, str8, male, female ….it cuts across all lines….but these days, pushing consent boundries is a social no-no. Sad that so many younger people have become so fragil, and so dogmatic about it all.

    1. remember the first time a dom did this to me and it definitely woke something in me. @laslowfeeder interested? i’m in la

  3. This is somewhat similar to how I first tasted shit. I was in my early 20s and servicing a dom bi guy in his late 20s in NYC. He’d slap me around, make me clean his place, and make me suck his dick while his GF was at work. Really enjoyed sucking him while he was on the phone w/ her or with one of his friends. One day he went to take a shit while I was cleaning then called me into the bathroom to suck him off on the toilet. After sucking him for a bit he told me to rim his hole. I thought he had at least wiped but when I got my tongue in there I realized he didn’t. He told me if I liked tasting his shit and I said no. Even thought it wasn’t a total deal breaker for me he could tell I wasn’t into it and never tried it again.

    I wish I could find him now to show him the shit eating human toilet I’ve become. I’m in my late 30s now and I get hard every time I think about him. I want my stomach full of his shit and I’d do any other pervy stuff he wants to do to me or me to him. Having guys push my limits like this is a HUGE turn on for me.

  4. This is the hottest video I ever watched. I pray one day someone does this to me unexpectedly, I always fantasize about being someone piggy faggot but never go through with it, this guy is so lucky.

  5. I think these two made another video that I’d love to find again. ==The sub is sitting on a toilet, the dom is standing over him. The dom reaches into the toilet to get shit onto his black gloves. He urgest and coerces the sub to suck the shit off his glove. ==
    So damn hot. Any leads?

    I’ll worship you SIR! Swallow every last morsel, that’s a promise!
    I’m so hungry. someone, ANYONE please feed me. Age, looks, and body type important. All that is needed is a desire that feed me your shit.
    Available for groups and frat parties.
    Dean 561-252-3982

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