Dog shit


Feeder smears and stuffs a young pig’s face with dog shit.

21 thoughts on “Dog shit

  1. This is probably the hottest video I’ve ever seen. Damn! Love seeing that bottom pig beg for dog shit and the top guy getting so turned on by making the boy into a dog shit covered whore. Absolutely love it. I’d travel anywhere to play with these two. I’d be on my knees in a second begging for more and more dog shit just like the guy in the video. If anyone knows anything more about this video or how to contact the guys that made it please hit me up. Would be GREATLY appreciated. (

  2. This is how real men have fun. hes a very lucky boy to have a friend who cares to smear his friend with dog shit.


      1. such a huge fantasy of mine, to be completely covered in dog shit from lots of giant male dogs, my mouth and nose stuffed full til I choke and puke it all up, then forced to lick it and eat it again and again til I get it all down. the dogs even fuck my face while covered and mouth is full. everything on camera, live steam, recorded, exposed with my ID, completely degraded and depraved… I’m a 30 yo white boi fag who craves dog cock, cum, piss and shit. please, I want to make an even more disgusting vid than this for all you guys to watch and spread around everywhere. šŸ˜‰

  3. been watching this video on repeat last few days my dogshit friend (actually likest everything about it more including the in the jails sexual psych unit where I instantly noticed the smell of fresh s*** and soon saw this young skinny kid with a s*** stained uniform and it all over his hands and arms plus some cake in his hair with bare feet obviously nobody wanted to live with them I asked if I could. he actually got me into daily eating I never been before we mixed it with every one of our mutual meals plus we would eat some each night after lights out and smear each other and each other off we had s*** smeared all over the cell then we put papers over to cover plus underneath our mattresses. they made a shower once a month as a required by like State guidelines but otherwise we just stayed like that. no wiping NEVER using toilet. he was the first one to tell me that he was actually way more in love with dogshit and outside of jail and he l”floor trained” his lab and pitbull shit to shit all over the floor o of his room in the basement he shit jerked DAILY with dogshit his Bed all his clothes covered with it plus his own shit and piss and every night hed get high on meth watched furry scat or k9 porn and watches himself in his webcam eat more and more the higher he got. well a couple days ago I got out of four months in jail and three months in the psych unit and I’ve been watching this video since unfortunately it’s winter time so I’ve only been able to find three or four fresh pieces of Dodge but I have twins they also put them in between my ass crack following my dick and balls and then went to court to see my PO was that under my clothes

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