Black on white roadside service


Black stud feeds his nervous white shiteater mouthfuls of shit and piss along a busy road.

16 thoughts on “Black on white roadside service

  1. This guy is very handsome. It’s amazing how he eats his friend’s poop💩 with gusto. I want to eat poop💩 just like this guy.
    My telegram: @Azmlon
    O’zbekistondan bormi?

  2. Very Hot! Eating black man shit and drinking black man’s piss in broad daylight while in public and being filmed, as well.
    I’d love to be that lucky white piggy and gladly pay for that meal and drink.
    Ray – Toronto

  3. I’d absolutely love to eat black man shit and drink their piss in public. I’d enjoy having other people (men and women), see how much I enjoy servicing Superior Black men. Black men deserve to be pleased by white toilets like me.

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