Best little shiteater


Pig boy is positioned under the rimchair and swallows some strong piss and shit.

11 thoughts on “Best little shiteater

  1. The eater’s name is Bobby and he’s in quite a few other scat videos. He also gets fisted, as well. He’s in “All You Can Eat” and “Feeding The Hungry”, but other vids also..

    Brock :@~~

  2. i promise I’ll eat it all to SIR, and will thank you for the special treat of your superior shit!
    I’ll worship you SIR! Swallow every last morsel, that’s a promise!
    I’m so hungry. someone, ANYONE please feed me. Age, race, looks, and body type important. All that is needed is a desire that feed me your shit.
    Available for groups and frat parties.
    Dean 561-252-3982

  3. θέλω να χεσω τον πιτσιρικά 34 είμαι οποίος θέλει να το χεσω 18-25 ηλικίες… ή να χεσει αυτός εμενα

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