Alpha uses sub


Dominant top uses a bound and blindfolded submissive to get off, shoving his dick in both holes, rubbing his ass in his face, and shooting his cum in his mouth.

4 thoughts on “Alpha uses sub

  1. oh yesssss ..
    me next please!!
    Dirty pig with zero limits here available for groups, frats, teams, etc. and of course ALWAYS open to individuals too!
    Dean 561-252-3982

  2. Dean you are a fucking disgusting pig, I see your comments all over this site. How can you have NO limits. Like at least I only imagine being fed shit and being r@ped by a gang then shit on by all of them and pissed while they laugh at my humiliation and painm IF they’re straight and actually find me to be sub-human.
    That wouldn’t be a turn on at all if know someone is gay and just roleplaying the scene. But you do you you do absolute freaky sicko! 🙂

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