“All yours, Sir.”


Hungry and obedient shit pig feeds on his Master’s waste.


5 thoughts on ““All yours, Sir.”

  1. I’m not sure if this is the correct place to comment on the hot sexy video entitled
    All yours, Sir. I’ve watched this video on other sites and I’m always so turned on by how sexy cool and directing the feeder is to his sexy young eater. Communicating with sexy hot verbal makes the eater feel taken care, appreciated and understood. I have a sexy verbal style that I use with my eaters and they all dig it. I’m hoping you are all well and happy.

    1. Hello Sir, thats exactly how I`d put it, You are so right about directing and communicating with the eating pig. To me eating my Dads shit means being taken care of, nourished, understood. Has nothing to do with age etc., its the submission to a higher standing Person that can use me, and I obey to be a good boy – in this lies the satisfaction and gratification.
      If you like to get in touch, i am also GCpig at scatboi.com, living in Gran Canaria. cheers gilbert

  2. I’ve watched this video for over 20 years. It’s still my favorite. I got to meet ‘Jock Shit’ years ago. He still had that hot voice. All the videos with young Bobby turn me out. Amazing.

  3. Una obra maestra. Este video es una de mis grandes inspiraciones en la vida, cuando esto bajo de motivacion sexual siempre vuelvo a verlo y quedo muy excitado realmente. Desearia ser el chico que es usado como human toilet. Realmente deseo ser usado por varios hombres como human toilet ser filmado y expuesto como un cerdo inferior para el disfrute de otros hombres superiores.

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