A toilet slave’s life under the rimchair


Pig eats from a hairy ass, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of creamy shit. Sound on to hear the shit flowing straight into his mouth.

18 thoughts on “A toilet slave’s life under the rimchair

  1. Awesome eater and this feeder’s ass is not only beautiful, but he knows exactly how much to push out at a time. That’s very difficult to find a feeder who can control that (trust me).. :@~~~

    My turn.. Can I share?

    Brock in Hotlanta
    Telegram: Atlscatboy

  2. I once fed the pig with my buddy. A shy and strange guy at first sight, but such a hungry and devoted toilet slave, obeying your every order without question. He swallows all kinds of shit, including old shit, diarrhea, puke and piss. VERY TALENTED AND OBEDIENT FULL SERVICE TOILET!

  3. Such a hot video! What a greedy piggy, and what a beautiful hairy butt. I would be happy to trade places under the rimseat anytime.

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