A rubber pig’s struggles


Handsome pig gets what he wanted (a mouth full of shit) but has to deal with the consequences as he struggles to swallow.

4 thoughts on “A rubber pig’s struggles

    1. This pig is one of the dirtiest fuckers I know. Everyone struggles now and then, but truly being a shit pig is the drive to carry on and finish the job, exactly what he did. The hottest part of eating shit is the realisation that you’re eating the waste of another man, no better than a toilet and that takes drive, just like this pig has!

  1. This shit pig struggles beautifully all through the end and fulfills his Alpha’s orders and expectations! What else eould we want?! 💪🏼💩💪🏼💩💩💩😜

  2. Lopve the rich slurry cream filling that pig mouth but the pig needs to swallow it down not fuss and refuse the delivery o he can take more off that 💩💩💩creamy load .

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