A full day of feeding for the pig


Master feeds his toilet slave all day long, filling his gut with shit.

24 thoughts on “A full day of feeding for the pig

  1. Mmmm… Damn, what I would give to serve that fully packed hole day and night 24/7…. And the verbal is even more of a PLUS!!😋💩💩👅

  2. Fully want to serve as a full flush toilet for him or group make this fags throat and gut your septic tank all waste fully eaten chewed and flushed with no regards to this faggot pig throat clogged with farmed turds and force into this septic tank

    1. what a wonderful Beautiful toilets Service of a white toilet for his black master. are there more videos of this feeder? Its highlights addictive.

      1. I need 20 beautiful black men to feed me like this in one sitting. I want their shit to be repacked in my arse with their cum. I want it packed up my nostrils and blended with their piss and tube fed directly to my stomach. I want to eat their diarrhea from the source while they breed my wife in her wedding dress.

  3. That’s a really hot feeder
    Anyone in Germany in NRW wants to feed me so?
    message me in WhatsApp

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