Group of aggressive dominants use and abuse a toilet pig, shit in his face, and rub it in.

7 thoughts on “Defiled

  1. This is very close to my top fantasy. Meeting a guy (or more) in a park at night. Being slapped around and stripped naked. Forced to suck their cocks and get fucked by them. After they fill me with cum they take turns pissing and shitting on me and in me laughing the whole time. For a final step of humiliation they steal my clothes so I have to somehow get home naked and covered in their shit… but I would stay in the grass like this guy and jerk off to my defilement before heading home. A stomach full of Alpha shit makes me cum so hard.

  2. My true fantasy right here, being bound, and the smearing and spitting at the end is what I love, to be completely disrespected

  3. 26yo bottom pig in Northwest Iowa here. Only hosting but will help pay for trip out depending how far. Restrain me under my rimchair and use me as you please for the duration of your stay. Friends welcome to come along. 7127300861

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